Gifts of the Day

Written Dec 25, 2021

Today has gifts that a box can’t contain and don’t come with a bow or a card. They are there for all to enjoy if we just take the time. Otherwise, they fade away to be replaced by another day of things to be discovered. Each day is much the same, but small differences make each one special. A different cloud and air current can give a day of rain, one where the clouds shield you from the sun or a day when the clouds are too thin, and the rays come down full force.

A soft breeze is encouraging the plants to dance to the symphony of birds and crickets. The bass voices of the frogs are in the background. Together they create a jazz ensemble without sheet music.

The light perfume wafts by as the flowers drop their petals like confetti for the parades of ants on their way to where they are going.

Finding a seed pod full of potential of growing into branches that reach the sky as the roots hold it firmly in place with the ability to create another generation of potential and so on and so on.

The graceful flight of an egret as it effortlessly glides from the treetop to land silently on the grass. Sometimes they fly solo, sometimes in pairs or sometimes they travel in a larger flock, flying separately, yet together.

The sun shares its light and warmth throughout the day. Starting gently, peaking over the horizon to full strength in mid-day to share energy. The plants store it away or use it to transform into food. The light and warmth slowly fade from the sky, encouraging rest to process today and prepare for whatever tomorrow brings.

The gifts are there each day waiting. Some days they will go unnoticed, others they will share with you their boundless joy as life continues to unfold.

It is quiet. There u\is peace in my world. I am practicing to manage my breath and my thoughts. Nature is reminding me to slow down and enjoy the gifts of each day.

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