Taking a Big Leap

The time has come to take the last step off to my Big Leap. Tomorrow I wll be taking a flight with 33 fellow leapers on a flight to to serve in the Peace Corps in South Africa. That’s a big change from the suburbs of Atlanta where I had lived for the last 20 years raising my family. I have sold my house, quit my job, given away my cats and cars and paid off all debts. The last of what I own is locked away in storage.

Taking leaps of courage may not always be so outwardly apparent. I had to take some smaller ones to get to this point for this adventure. Every day we are surrounded by people taking leaps, some small and some big. Even small changes take courage. And it wasn’t always easy. I didn’t hear discouragement from family or friends, but from the voice inside my head. I just kept breathing and pushing forward. My persistence and karma bank got me through it.

I invite you along on my journey. I am hoping that together we can support and encourage each other to find the edge and step off. It might just be a small step of a new hair style or working on an art project or it might be a bigger step of a career change or an adventurous trip. You will decide, but you will  know when it feels right and it will give you the confidence to go for what you want.

4 thoughts on “Taking a Big Leap”

  1. “… You have brains on your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. …” Dr. Seuss – Oh The Places You’ll Go! New direction, New beginnings, great adventure. It will be an adventure living vicariously through your posts.


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